The 11th annual Jazz Education Network (JEN) conference kicks off Dave Brubeck’s Centennial year with the launch of Brubeck Living Legacy on January 8, 2020.

Brubeck Living Legacy has created a special exhibit specifically for the conference that will feature rare archival content in the main exhibition hall at Booth 404.

In addition to the exhibit, there will be a special cocktail reception to celebrate the launch alongside partners from the inaugural Brubeck Jazz Summit, coming this summer 2020 to Classical Tahoe. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and performances focused around Dave and Iola’s legacy. A full schedule of Brubeck events is below.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
Everybody’s Jumpin’: Using Brubeck to Inspire Creative Movement and Improvisation in the K-5 Music Classroom
Location: Imperial 11, L4

This session by Allison Kipp and Darla Hanley will showcase creative teaching strategies to engage children with music by the legendary Dave Brubeck and The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Participants will experience jazz as they listen, trade solos, create compositions and arrangements, and perform original dances. Playlists and handout provided.

10:30 AM – 10:55 AM
Dave and Iola Brubeck at Home
Location: Imperial 12, L4

Dave and Iola Brubeck were interviewed in their Wilton, Connecticut home by Monk Rowe, Director of the Fillius Jazz Archive. Videotaped in 2001 and 2011, the Brubecks shared poignant and vivid memories of their professional and private lives in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Romy Britell joins Rowe for this presentation.

11:00 AM – 11:25 AM
Brubeck, Armstrong, and The Real Ambassadors
Location: Imperial 12, L2

In 1961, Dave Brubeck and Louis Armstrong collaborated to record The Real Ambassadors. Sarah Rose and Ricky Riccardi will utilize the monumental Research Collections of the Louis Armstrong House Museum, including audio letters, rehearsal tapes, rare photographs and scripts, to tell the story of how this work came to be.

2:30 PM – 2:55 PM
Dave Brubeck: Cold War Jazz Ambassador, on Air and In Person
Location: Imperial 12, L4

Maristella Feustle explores how American jazz acts made inroads behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1950s after Willis Conover’s program on the Voice of America helped cultivate and sustain audiences. The presentation will show how Dave Brubeck’s 1958 journey to Poland exemplifies the connection between Conover’s program and jazz artists’ tours in Eastern Europe.

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
The Chicago High School for the Arts Honors Jazz Sextet Performs Contemporary Arrangements of Charlie Parker and Dave Brubeck
Location: Conservatory Stage/Elite Foyer, L1

Directed by Anthony Bruno, the ChiArts Honors Jazz Combo be performing classic compositions by each artist. The ensemble will perform its own contemporary arrangements including elements of Latin, R&B, and New Orleans 2nd Line styles. Performers include Jaden Berkman, Simon Burke-Kaiser, Claudia Easterwood, and Leo Milano.

10:10 PM – 11:00 PM
Brubecks Play Brubeck
Location: Inspirations Stage/Celestin Ballroom, L3

Darius (piano), Chris (electric bass & trombone) and Dan Brubeck (drums) with British international tenor sax star Dave O’Higgins celebrate Dave Brubeck’s centennial year in a concert of his music from different periods in his long, illustrious career.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

1:00 PM – 1:50 PM
Panel: Dave Brubeck the REAL Ambassador
Location: Strand 12A, L2

Stephen Crist, Darius Brubeck, Keith Hatschek, panelists
Todd Stoll, moderator

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Dave Brubeck’s Nomad: Incorporation of non-Western musical elements
Location: Strand Foyer, L2

Fumi Tomita’s research presentation focuses on Dave Brubeck’s use of non-Western musical traditions as a means of expanding the improvisational and compositional language of jazz that led to his experiments in odd-time signatures. The theme and piano solo on “Nomad” from his album Jazz Impressions of Eurasia will be analyzed.

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
The Sacred and Liturgical Jazz Works of Dave Brubeck
Location: Strand Foyer

Derick Cordoba’s research presentation focuses on Dave Brubeck’s sacred and liturgical jazz works from 1968 to 1985, which range from a jazz cantata to a jazz infused Mass.

4:00 PM – 4:50 PM
San Francisco Conservatory of Music RJAM Plays Brubeck
Location: Conservatory Stage/Elite Foyer, L1

Having completed a one month intensive on the music of Dave Brubeck, students and select RJAM faculty will present “RJAM Plays Brubeck”. Performers include Edward Simon, Carmen Bradford, Matt Wilson, Mike Rodriguez, David Sanchez, Matt Brewer, Julian Lage, Steve Davis, Warren Wolf, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Jason Hainsworth, Amelie Hinman, and Simon Rowe.

Friday, January 10, 2020

12:00 PM – 12:50 PM
New England Conservatory’s Tribute To Dave Brubeck, featuring Mark Zaleski
Location: Conservatory Stage/Elite Foyer, L1

Multi-instrumentalist Zaleski was mentored by Dave Brubeck as a student at his Institute. Following Dave’s advice to “find your own voice”, Zaleski dedicated his NEC student ensemble to studying and re-imagining his classic compositions. The ensemble will premiere Zaleski’s Brubeck arrangements that will be featured on his upcoming 2020 album, featuring a group of NEC alums including Jon Bean, Jason Yeager, Mark Cocheo, Brad Barrett, and Oscar Suchanek.

2:00 PM – 2:25 PM
Brubeck: Adored by the public, rejected by many musicians and historians–WHY?; An examination of his early works and career
Location: Imperial 12, L4

Lewis Porter explores why Brubeck, one of the most famous jazz artists, is ignored by many musicians and historians. He asks “do they really know his music?” Excerpts from early recordings will illustrate that his method of improvisation owed little to precedent, helping to account for this mixed reception.

Other events include seminars on how to grow your instagram into an effective jazz fanbase, how to publish, place and monetize books, the fundamentals of copyright, building brand and audience through creative partnerships, even how to start your own jazz camp, and performances by the Sara Caswell Quartet, the Tucson Jazz Institute Ellington Big Band, the USC Thornton Jazz Faculty, the Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band, the John Mahoney Big Band, the Five Towns College Jazz Guitar Ensemble, the Berklee College of Music Advanced Vocal JAzz Ensemble, the Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra, the Rodger Fox Big Band, and 50+ more.

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